How can you stop mohair from shedding?

How can you stop mohair from shedding?

Reducing shedding in mohair yarn can be managed through a few methods, but please know that when you have a chunky pullover or cardigan, knitted on 15mm needles, the fibres are very loose and you can't avoid the shedding totally! Please know that when you use one of the methods below it's on your own responsibility!

  1. Tumble dryer (cold air programme): We have tried this and it worked! Put your dry and unwashed piece in the tubble dryer and activate a COLD air programme for 15 minutes. After that your piece has been in there for ±15 minutes, most of the 'loose hair' is in your filter. This is also an idea to remove any folds from the cardigan or pullover. 
  2. Freezing: Some recommend placing the mohair item in a plastic bag and freezing it for a few hours before wearing it. This could help set the fibers and reduce shedding. Please note that we have never tried this and we don't think this works!

Remember, shedding might still occur to some extent with mohair due to its natural fiber properties, but these methods can help minimize it.

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