How can you stop mohair from shedding?

How can you stop mohair from shedding?

Reducing shedding in mohair yarn can be managed through a few methods, but please know that when you have a chunky pullover or cardigan, knitted on 15mm needles, the fibres are very loose and you can't avoid the shedding totally!

  1. Gentle handling: Avoid excessive rubbing or friction, which can cause shedding. Treat it delicately, especially during washing or wearing.

  2. Cold water hand wash: Use a gentle detergent or shampoo in cold water when washing mohair items. Avoid agitating the yarn too much to minimize shedding.

  3. Drying method: Lay the mohair item flat to dry instead of hanging it, as hanging can stretch the fibers and increase shedding.

  4. Freezing: Some recommend placing the mohair item in a plastic bag and freezing it for a few hours before wearing it. This could help set the fibers and reduce shedding. Please note that we have never tried this!

Remember, shedding might still occur to some extent with mohair due to its natural fiber properties, but these methods can help minimize it.

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